Fun Activities to Preserve Family History

Although it’s not a necessity to go back centuries in time, it can be interesting and build new traditions going back in time to learn more about your family’s past. Keeping family history alive and Safe is an important part of preserving history and should be passed on from generation to generation.

These are 5 fun ways of preserving family history as a family.

Digitize Old Photos and Videos

The younger generation might not go as far as trying to hunt down an old VCR machine just to watch family videos. Digitalizing old tapes to files for storage on computers and flash drives are a perfect way of preserving old family memories. These files are also safe from danger as videotapes could easily get damaged.

Photo Albums and Scrapbooks

The age-old tradition of having photo albums will never cease to exist. But these photos are always in danger of getting destroyed or lost; keeping digital versions of all photos are a great way to preserve those photos. Photo albums and scrapbooks can even be combined for the ultimate family history memorabilia. By visiting family history fairs, you can easily find ideas for creating the perfect scrapbook/photo album.

Collect and Store Memorabilia

Asking older family members for memorabilia is a great way to preserve memorabilia that might be lost or end up in the wrong hands. The simplest things can mean the most to a family when a loved one is not there anymore. Storing family memorabilia such as small clothing pieces can help to keep fond family memories alive.

Cooking Recipes

Nothing brings a family closer than good food. Without a fully equipped kitchen, a UK family gathering won’t be that successful. Memories are created and discussed at the dinner table, and what better way to preserve those memories than by saving family recipes.

Create a Family Tree

Family trees are just as crucial and traditional as photo albums. A family tree can be taken back centuries, or you can go back up to 100 years. A family tree explains the full path of how a family has grown from year to year and century to century.

Keeping family memories, traditions, and memorabilia alive is easily done by following these family history preservation activities and can be a fun family activity by itself.

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