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Throughout the UK, there are many events dedicated to teaching genealogy and family history. Learn about the events and activities to preserve family history.

Traditional Family Games Which can be used with Gambling

Gambling has been incorporated into various entertainment aspects, including board games. Being able to use favourite family games for gambling is a fun way to play familiar games with a new twist as long as all the players are of responsible and legal gambling age. With gambling becoming more popular with group activities, there’s no reason why family members can’t… Read more »

Fun Activities to Preserve Family History

Although it’s not a necessity to go back centuries in time, it can be interesting and build new traditions going back in time to learn more about your family’s past. Keeping family history alive and Safe is an important part of preserving history and should be passed on from generation to generation. These are 5 fun ways of preserving family… Read more »

Top Family History Fairs to Attend

Whether you are just getting into family history and genealogy, attending these fairs is essential for getting all the information you need and staying up to date on all the latest findings or even historical memorabilia. These 4 events are hosted and arranged by the top family history societies in the UK. The Family History Show – 24 September 2022… Read more »