Genealogy Blogs

If you are thinking about getting involved in Genealogy and family history research, you will need to get advice from all corners of the online world. These blogs are helpful tools in doing further research into how you can start researching your own family heritage and history.

PastToPresentGenealogy –

Past to Present Genealogy Blog was established in 2015 and specialized in West Yorkshire ancestry, Irish immigration, and Great War ancestors’ information. The blog posts up to 3 articles per month and provides further family and Local history talks and research services.

The Parchment Rustler –

The parchment rustler blog is based in the UK and is run by Dr Sophie Kay. She is a well experienced and professional researcher working in genealogy as well as genetics. Not only is she a professional researcher but a great educator with teaching research skills.

Her blog provides vital information on genealogy and family history and provides advice on researching.

The GENES Blog –

Being one of the oldest genealogy blogs in the UK, it has also become one of the most informative, accurate, and popular. The perfect spot for a daily dose of genealogy and family history news. To find out about personal heritage and read top stories about family history and genealogy, visit this blog.

They provide further information on upcoming events converting the British Isles and diaspora ancestral research. The articles are written by blogger and family historian Chris Paton.

All Those Before –

A relatively new blog about family history and genealogy was established in 2020. The blog is dedicated to genealogy and family history. They cover biographies of ancestors, the joys of discovering more about one’s past, and, most importantly, research tips. This is a great blog for those who would love to get started with genealogy.

These blogs will keep you updated on all the latest genealogy news and stories. Find the perfect advice for learning about your ancestors and how to build your family tree.