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Learn more about the importance of family history and how to conduct your own research into your family roots, traditions, ancestry, and culture.

History of British Gambling Culture

The UK is well known for having a rich gambling tourism scene which provides everything a gambler will need to have an entertaining stay. The UK’s gambling scene has grown extensively, with 2020 seeing more than 24 million adults gambling across the country. Commercial gambling with horse racing, gaming, and lotteries already started to get popular in 1569. Back then,… Read more »

Benefits of Knowing your Family History

There are many benefits to doing research into your family history. Research into family history will show a person where they come from, what their traditions are, and teach more about culture. Other than being intact with your history, there are more benefits to consider with family history knowledge. Broadens Understanding of Culture and Tradition With the changing times, technological… Read more »