Write for Us

As a blog about genealogy and family history, we are constantly looking for more writers to write interesting and uplifting content to inspire family history preservation in the UK. We are dedicated to the history of Britain and its family roots and wish to carry on supplying useful advice to our readers.

If you are a dedicated writer and have a passion for family history and genealogy, read further for more information on how to join our writing team.

Why Join West Malling?

West Malling has a passion and dedication toward family history. We love to see how families stick to their roots and carry out their traditions in everyday life. If you have that same passion, you will feel right at home by joining our writing team.

As culture and traditions are becoming less active in modern life, we find it important to showcase the importance of passing on these traditions from generation to generation.

What Will you be Covering?

If we think you are the right candidate for our family history blog, you will be coming up with your own stories and articles to post on the blog. All articles should be focused on the preservation of family history and genealogy in the UK.

What are the Requirements?

If you want to become part of the West Malling Blog writing team, you will need to have a dedication and passion for family history and genealogy and reside in the UK. We are dedicated to keeping the traditions and culture of Britain alive with this blog, and you will need to have a good understanding of British culture.

Experience with writing about family history and genealogy will be an added benefit for us to consider you are joining the West Malling blog writing team. Intriguing writing skills in the English language are a must, and you will need to pass our in-house examination and supply examples of your work.

Contact us on our contact page for more details on how to join our writing team.